Building a kinder world. Together.

We are an organisation which aims to improve mental health by connecting members with similar backgrounds to provide genuine and personal support. We offer a secure, non-judgmental and free space for any user to relate and resonate with others through shared experiences. Through this, we aim to avoid simply delivering canned responses, and instead try to provide guidance from those who might truly understand what you are going through.

Our core principles:

Peer to peer



For Everyone

Judgment Free

How does Mandala work?


Members can look for a conversation or advice by sending a draft post detailing their background to a moderator. This will then be published anonymously, and the moderator will give the member the post’s title so that they can locate it and read the comments. Alternatively, a member can publish in their own name if they wish.


Other members who feel that they have had similar experiences and want to assist the poster can then comment that they want to help out. Commenters should also briefly outline their own availability if this is an issue.


The original poster can then select which commenter they wish to have a conversation with and they can then connect via private messenger. If the poster wants to maintain their anonymity during the conversation, they can contact a moderator to arrange this. After a set period, both the poster and the chosen commenter will be asked for feedback to sort out any problems and to check in. At any point, and for any reason, the conversation can be terminated and the poster can speak to someone else if they wish to.